Honey and Onions

Or Diamonds and Rust?

There’s an Arabic saying – one day you get honey, another day you get onions.

Just got some test tiles for a blue celadon glaze I was going to use tomorrow. I was going to go all out and glaze a whole kiln load in this. But these results give me pause. Let’s just say they are quite esthetically challenged.

There is a bit on honey with the onions – a tile for a beautiful satin clear glaze that’s just a touch blue if you look at it in the right light.

But for now, I guess it’s back to the drawing board with the celadon.

Thing is, celadons, and in particular blue ones, are super finicky glazes and need just the right firing and right glaze application (thick). I have reasons to believe that this firing was off – underfired and under reduced.

But who guarantees that the next one won’t be?

Here’s a mug from a previous firing (thanks Suzan for that perfect firing!):


And another one –  a pinch pot.


I think it’s easy to see the appeal of this glaze when it does work. The way it shows relief and texture, the semi opaque, slightly satin shine, are just gorgeous.

So it got me hoping, and not knowing – again.

Hey, at least the sun’s out!



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