A Tweet

I’ve been silent:

Built a clay trap. Dismantled it. Put up shelves. Got my kiln. Got stood up by one electrician and found another. Made bowls. Big bowls, small bowls, medium bowls. Made salt shakers to make my table look good. Did a sale at UBC where I sold mostly big bowls. Did a sale at the guild where I sold mostly red and green mugs. Had my first bisque, my first glaze firing. Two big bowls pitted, all the small ones did too. The salt shakers crawled. Bisqued again and reglazed. My second glaze firing: my turquoise is giving me grief and three big bowl make it to the dumpster. The oil spot works. The two iron reds work. The tea dust works too well (much dust, no background). The reglazed small bowls look wild – red and yellow and teal. Get lights. Get wrapping paper. Get table covers. Pack, load, unpack, set up my booth. And now I’ve just finished the second day of the largest craft fair I’ve been in – Make It Vancouver, 250 vendors. Two more days to go – looks like I’ve broken even so far – maybe I’ll make some money on the weekend. Can’t wait for the quiet studio life, throwing and testing new glazes…Image


PS and here too, it’s red and green mugs all the way down!


2 thoughts on “A Tweet

  1. Jen Clark

    You forgot to mention the part about getting suckered into helping a friend move her stuff, and nearly getting folded into a floppy mattress. Thank you ever so much for fitting me into your craft fair chaos. Big hugs!


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