Completely off topic

Unusually not about pottery or about “my kind” of music.

Ran into this song yesterday. The refrain (“It rains, and the wind blows” / “deep under the crags, far north in the mountains they play”) immediately reminded me of a certain place in the mountains where the wind always seems to blow cold rain at you.

It occurred to me that many of the ways we view nature-as-wild, nature-as-beautiful and nature-as-threatening (those of us who view it or love it) have roots in medieval north germanic tropes. It’s a thought I want to make a mental note of, especially as it relates to this ballad, and incredibly, I’ve decided to do it online.

Also note, if you read Norwegian, that I find the vid poster’s attitude to immigration utterly despicable. And to follow that thought, can those tropes be disentangled from the racist attitudes they got enmeshed with basically from the time they were transmitted to us in the mid 19th century. I have some vague hopes that have to do with First Nations and their struggle for their lands, cultures and for recognition of grave injustices done to them in the past and in the present. And how it all relates to adopting their (many) ways of viewing nature.

A lot to think about.

And in the “Ceterum Censeo Carthaginem delendam esse” department: check out my new oil spots and celadons on my etsy page!


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